Christchurch Terror Attacks…

My heartfelt sorrow, tears and prayers go out to the Muslim community in Christchurch, New Zealand right now.


This is a massive shock that has rocked New Zealanders and the world to its core. Some of you might know that I live in Christchurch right now.


As a IT Field services engineer, I was driving out to a site only to be passed by not one police officer, but 8 driving at 140 KM/h (90Mph) I knew something big was going down. I arrived at the site I was about to work at to then get a call from my boss advising that the offices I work at in the central city are all on lock-down.


Again, I must reiterate – this has shocked us all to our very core and I personally know a couple of Muslims, so I feel like a piece of my soul is now missing.


Stay safe everyone and look out for one another.



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