Known Website issues – 18/06/2019

Hi Team,


There is a known issue with BMSworld and the downloads system implemented.

To explain in brief;

Downloads used to be hosted on the MEGA.NZ platform – this proved too costly.  Downloads are slowly being moved to the webserver so that they are hosted over HTTP/HTTPS which for some people provides benefits such as

1.) Downloads over HTTP/HTTPS circumvent school network filtering as we’re using the same port as normal web traffic

2.) Resumable downloads

3.) Chunked downloads (server send’s file pieces instead of streaming the file to the WWW)

Known Issue:

BMS under 40mb are able to be downloaded from the web-server.
BMS packs over 100mb are experiencing a Time-out issue only when they come from the web-server.

ETA on Fix

Unknown. Don’t have enough proof of the issue. Frankly no idea where to start.

Can I help?

Yes you can! please respond to this blog post and advise what service is sending you the file which you can tell in the following ways;


Downloads served by the webserver look like this >




Downloads served by MEGA.NZ look like this >



Error message looks like this >