Welcome to my Beatmania/Bemani BMS archive


I enjoy the creation of music, BMS has captured my interest since 1998 and I am only sharing what I have and what I can find. I take requests and use my resources to find what you’re looking for. I have Japanese friends who are invaluable to this exercise, so。。。。。ありがとうございました

Here is a place I store BMS I have found over the years. Just an archive, nothing too serious. Every song available has an autoplay video listed, which is a LOT of work. 8000+ made so far.


Do not expect a BMS found here to be the true original unmodified version – that is simply unmanageable, Too many BMS I’ve come across has had its BGA stripped just to save a few MB. I do not condone that and take pride in storing the BMS with its BGA intact wherever possible.

I do not modify any BMS script or its associated data. It is presented ‘as I found it’ .

Solutions are being sought to audit the archive so that this site can eventually be a good better source for the APAC region (and others of course.) The website is created in an English speaking nation. I do speak some Japanese. Frustratingly, not enough..



This website is the first I’ve ever created(2nd iteration though). There is very little advertising. I pay for all the associated costs myself except for the 2$ that ad’s earn. I built my own server to host it all on a home VPS (1gbit fibre), 2x Xeon X5500 CPU’s., 256GB DDR3ECC RAM, 31tb with backup’s around 9 years ago. Been running every day 24/7 since 🙂

and it looks like this. It was a beige 8u cube chassis, bored as the early 1990’s beige could possibly be.
new server coming soon though, I hope.

photo of BMSworld server

Lightly illuminated custom artwork, lazer engraved

Dual Xeons with dual-fan Noctua coolers

2tb NAS full of BMS (raid1), Dragon to terrify the children from touching my server!






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