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BMS & Beatmania has captured my interest since 1999 or so, when a young.err.. me…. caught a fleeting glance at a DJ Styled arcade cabinet at a local Arcade – before long, I began  playing Beatmania 4th Mix regularly with my favorite song being  'DJ Watari - Popcorn' , fun fact, various random BMS from this arcade cab are some of the video autoplayed videos uploaded to YouTube. !  First playlist (21 Dec 2013)

I thoroughly enjoyed the aspects of building the song as you go to a challenging script – I loved the underlying technology and methodology used in slicing up samples or creating new and the playfield placement and autoplay background elements. Simply fascinating.
Sadly the cabinet didn’t remain in the arcade long and I was left without my BMS fix :O

Soon after, a good mate of mine introduced me to BM98 and I began my journey in BMS players at home, playing the very few and far between BMS that I could find. He said to me at the time “good luck finding any more BMS on the internet!” – Now what he meant by that was the insanely difficult language barrier and the lack of live translation technology at the time(early 2000 at this point). I took this as a challenge and began my collection that sprawled over a 40GB HDD and some floppy discs and eventually some CDR’s in 2002


I have two Autistic children that I involve with this project and they really enjoy it . Occasionally they come along and “push da button’  so。。。。。ありがとうございました (´・ω・)っ由

'push da buttin!

Some other points – this is a hobby project;

  • Do not expect a BMS found here to be the true original unmodified version – that is simply unmanageable, Too many BMS I’ve come across has had its BGA stripped just to save a few MB, or the UTF-8 vs IME character encoding losses that inevitably occur.
  • It is advised that you DO NOT upload your song scoring results to LR2ir/Mocha
  • I do not modify any BMS script or its associated data. It is presented ‘as I found it’ .
  • Solutions are being sought to audit the archive so that this site can eventually be a good better source for the APAC region (and others of course.) The website is created in an English speaking nation. I do speak some Japanese. Frustratingly, not enough..
  • Again, Here is a place I store BMS I have found over the years. Just an archive, nothing too serious.
  • Every song available has an autoplay video listed so you can preview the artists works.
  • To date I have made over 10,000 BMS Autoplay videos!  \ (•◡•) / – everyone needs a hobby…. right?!


This website is the first I’ve ever created(2nd iteration though). There is very little advertising. I pay for all the associated costs myself except for the 2$ that ad’s earn. I built my own server to host it all on a home VPS (1gbit fibre), 2x Xeon X5500 CPU’s., 256GB DDR3ECC RAM, 34tb with backup’s around 9 years ago. Been running every day 24/7 since 🙂

and it looks like this. It was a beige 8u cube chassis, bored as the early 1990’s beige could possibly be.
I’m building a watercooled server slowly – started it 3 years ago… >_>

photo of BMSworld server

Lightly illuminated custom artwork, lazer engraved

Dual Xeons with dual-fan Noctua coolers

Hypertank BMS Web BMSworld Web Server

2tb NAS full of BMS (raid1), Dragon to terrify the children from touching it





And finally – if you don’t like what I’m doing here, that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and all opinions have their merits and values. Feel free to share yours – [email protected]


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Jeo - Still prefer BISTROVER!
4 months ago

Do you know about an emulator or simulator of my favorite style BISTROVER since the arcades were closed here during that style era due to the covid and my country’s bad situation, which really sucks for me especially that I like 召しませ!BISTROVER event very much…. I’ll be glad to do anything in return if you know or if you can send me details on where I can find an emulator of BISTROVER…. I wish Konami make an offline version of BISTROVER or just prolong BISTROVER instead of releasing CastHour and Resident… 🙁 😐

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