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I currently host over 5,000 BMS songs for you to download and play in your BMS Player. Lunatic Rave 2, Mixwaver, BM98 or UBMplay are known 100% compatible with all of the Bemani BMS hosted here.



BMS Series Recently Posted:

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 ~Mumei-10 BMS Pack Uploaded (67 Tracks)
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Word from the

creator of this… place…

Or 301 words to be exact… 😉

I’ve been collecting BMS and playing emulated BMS on and off since 1999… somewhat of an obsession…

One of my visions was always to have a central repository of awesome BMS for everyone to download, play & share. Back in the very early 2000’s it was difficult to host data reliably and data was very VERY expensive and professional hosting even more-so. As a result, many BMS events are no longer hosted or have broken download links and bms artists long gave up their creative paths (for example, BEATMARiO, aYm etc) so here I am. This site exists only to provide that which has been lost to time and circumstances unforeseen.

If you find your BMS here and you DON’T want to share it with anyone, please get in touch and I’ll gladly take it down. It would be great to know you still exist too!
[email protected]

Some people don’t like the way I’m doing this… yet  Be-Music Script (BMS) data was intended for easy distribution, creation , sharing and collaboration. Urao Yane-dono used to have a post on his original site about it with that being said, the Internet houses the world’s largest mechanism for distribution and sharing of content and I for one embrace that fully. This is the way I rep the Bemani / BMS emulation scene in Oceania, If you don’t like it, then go away.

BMSworld is like a vinyl record store.

There are hidden gem’s throughout the store but you must dedicate some time to finding them and each vinyl you find, you take to the stores’ record player, pop on some headphones and lose yourself in the tune.

Navigating BMSworld was always intended to be just like that.

If you love the gameplay of Beatmania, this is how you must roll 😉

Much love everyone! <3