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Loca 30S BMS Event

♫ Loca 30S ♫ [][][] A lot of the BMS in this event are either poorly made ‘joke’ BMS or just not enjoyable to play [][][]   BMS AutoPlay Videos: Complete BMS Titles: Complete Downloads: Complete Build Status: 100%   ~BMS~ .H (bgaバンギラス) – It’s EG for U [another] [drum’n’bass] ♫ Loca 30S ♫ Azuza – 大肉越 [Dirty Techno] ♫… Read more →

Hyper Remix 2 BMS Pack

  ~Downloads~ 篠螺悠那 – x-Aria -Frenzy mix-. Genre, Euro Trance ♫ Hyper Remix 2 ♫ 猫の人 – Re:happy Century. Genre, すすめぼくらのてくのぽっぷ ♫ Hyper Remix 2 ♫ ねこみみ魔法使い / ke – ぱれっと. Genre, Light Step Pop ♫ Hyper Remix 2 ♫ エルリ鳥 – CG [↑Cut,Gravity↓] bms edit. Genre, Duckweed…. ♫ Hyper Remix 2 ♫ えふ – ruinedrelics (BnBmix). ♫ Hyper Remix… Read more →

BGAparty ;revival presents RvsW ’05

Completed 05/02/2018 ~Downloads~ ken – night starter. Genre, Digirock (hard) ♫ BGA PARTY REVIVAL presents rvsw’05 ♫ Download (16.3Mb) Ls-M – Shock Waltz. Genre, HARDCORE ♫ BGA PARTY REVIVAL presents rvsw’05 ♫ Download (23.2Mb) Paraoka – Acid Ace- Alliance. Genre, Speedfunk BMS ♫ BGA PARTY REVIVAL presents rvsw’05 ♫ Download (8.7Mb) Recognize M. – Like a Dandelion. Genre, House ♫… Read more →

AtomicSphere (2004-2009)

  ~Downloads~ A.T.M. – Cold Tribe. Genre, HardHouse  ♫ AtomicSphere BMS ♫ Download (6.1Mb) A.T.M. (Atomic Sphere) – PROTOGENEIA. Genre, HardTechno   ♫ AtomicSphere BMS ♫ Download (5.9Mb) ARMYTOM – WISEFLAT. Genre, Techno  ♫ AtomicSphere BMS ♫ Download (15.3Mb) ARMYTOM(Atomic Sphere) – GRABBACK. Genre, Techno  ♫ AtomicSphere BMS ♫ Download (7.6Mb) Atomc Sphere – Waterman. Genre, Tech Jazz ♫ AtomicSphere… Read more →

Beatmania 5-key BMS – 2000

All content on this page was recovered via professional data recovery. This section is for songs that found their way into my collection in the year 2000 only. Every song has keysounds – I don’t accept BMS mp3’s with note charts. Most songs have BGA.     ~Downloads~ E & Q – Duel of Top, 110BPM (Genre, Heavy Metal ^)… Read more →


Welcome to my Beatmania/Bemani BMS archive   I enjoy the creation of music, BMS has captured my interest since 1998 and I am only sharing what I have and what I can find. I take requests and use my resources to find what you’re looking for. I have Japanese friends who are invaluable to this exercise, so。。。。。ありがとうございました Here is a… Read more →