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Wire Puller 4 BMS Event

[][][] The 4th BMS event in the Wire Puller event series [][][] BMS AutoPlay Videos: Completed 12/04/2022 BMS Titles: Completed 03/04/2022 Downloads: Nothing here yet! Check back later 🙂 Build Status: 66%   ~BMS~   Acet. – Strange Fire [Drum’n’Bass] ♫ WirePuller 4 ♫ Akashina – Bit Charger [Full On] ♫ WirePuller 4 ♫ Big Wolf – Re :Construct [Another]… Read more →


Welcome to my Beatmania/Bemani BMS archive   Here is a place I store BMS I have found over the years. Just an archive, nothing too serious. Every song available has an autoplay video listed, which is a LOT of work. 8000+ made so far. I enjoy the creation of music, BMS has captured my interest since 1998 and I am… Read more →