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B.J Cup – 4th Stage BMS Event

Completed 03/02/2018 ~Downloads~ Yamajet – Trashmix. Genre, Hardhouse ♫ B.J Cup ~4th Stage~ ♫ Download (2.0Mb) Wirel:Yourl – The Beautiful Sunset of That Day (Radio Edit). ♫ B.J Cup ~4th Stage~ ♫ Download (7.0Mb) wirel:yourl – OutLand (radio edit). Genre, Epic Trance ♫ B.J Cup ~4th Stage~ ♫ Download (3.8Mb) TiY – NV10. Genre, Rave ♫ B.J Cup ~4th Stage~… Read more →

B.j Cup 3rd Stage BMS Event

  ~Downloads~ Aqua & Reona – Stardust / bms edit. Genre, German Trance ♫ B.J Cup ~3rd Stage~ ♫ Download (3.0Mb) GunSEKI feat.erih – . Genre, ♫ B.J Cup ~3rd Stage~ ♫ Download (8.4Mb) Koji2000 – NEURON. Genre, TRANCE ♫ B.J Cup ~3rd Stage~ ♫ Download (7.4Mb) Mia – 枯霧. Genre, Trance ♫ B.J Cup ~3rd Stage~ ♫ Download (5.8Mb)… Read more →

B.J Cup -2nd ninja BMS Event

  ~Downloads~ かたぎり – UTAKATA. Genre, Japonesque Glitch ♫ B.J Cup ~2nd ninja~ ♫ Download (8.9Mb) ume – HIBANA. Genre, Kunoichi House ♫ B.J Cup ~2nd ninja~ ♫ Download (16.6Mb) tkqn14 – フス・ェホユケ ~Tempest of Determination~. Genre, Ninja Full-On ♫ B.J Cup ~2nd ninja~ ♫ Download (76.5Mb) Shino-Shinonome – See Your Light Gain. Genre, Breaksbeats ♫ B.J Cup ~2nd ninja~… Read more →

B.J.Cup – 8th stage BMS Event

The 8th Stage of the famous B.J Cup! Featuring lots of drum’n’bass tracks, this event is a good one! ~Downloads~ ANtiERi – After 1 Weeks (Uncomplete). Genre, D’N’B   ♫ B.J Cup ~8th Stage~ ♫ BACO – Brain Analysis. Genre, Psychedelic Trance  ♫ B.J Cup ~8th Stage~ ♫ Brinda – NIGHT SWITCH. Genre, JazzStep   ♫ B.J Cup ~8th Stage~… Read more →

B.J Cup – 7th Stage BMS Event

  ~Downloads~ 皐と虚無 (satsuki vs. void) – 戒, 150BPM. Genre, Pschedelic Trance ♫ BJ Cup ~7th Stage~ ♫   Download (6.7Mb) 腋亦 -斬 -正宗(七)-, 120BPM. Genre, 大和金属 ♫ BJ Cup ~7th Stage~ ♫   Download (6.6Mb) ルゼ – Midnight -零式- Phonic, 160BPM. Genre ,零式RAVE[鬼] ♫ BJ Cup ~7th Stage~ ♫   Download (1.8Mb) 囚 – YOMI, 113BPM. Genre, CyberJ ♫… Read more →

B.J Cup – 6th Stage BMS Event

  ~Downloads~ 樟 – Yiery, 130BPM. Genre, House ♫ BJ Cup ~6th Stage~ ♫ Download (964kb) 3892 – Love is Wonderland -7hard-, 143BPM. Genre, HappyHouse ♫ BJ Cup ~6th Stage~ ♫ Download (2.4Mb) BeFree – Be Free, 124BPM. Genre, UpperHouse  ♫ BJ Cup ~6th Stage~ ♫  Download (12.2Mb) BitUpper – Rainy Dance, 140BPM. Genre, Techno ♫ BJ Cup ~6th Stage~ ♫ Download (6.3Mb)… Read more →