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Rhythm It is a  Korean BMS simulator. Download (2.9Mb) Rhythm-it 1.72 ————– Copyright(C)2001-2003. NvyU. (20031106 released) EMAIL : nvyu @ HOMEPAGE : 1. 리듬잇에 대해서 BMS를 사용하는 음악게임입니다. 그냥 그런 것… -_-/ -] 시스템 환경 DirectX 7 이상 VRAM 8MB 이상의 그래픽카드 추천. Direct 3D 호환 VRAM 많은 가속 그래픽 카드 권장. (Voodoo3이하는 텍스쳐가 뭉개집니다) JOYPAD, MIDI 입력 지원.… Read more →


Now we’re kickin’ it Old School! Released in 1999, EZ2DJ was a Korean’s re-work of Mixwaver version 1.2. Modified with full custom skins and soundsets, graphically this was THE emulator to have in it’s day. With the uprated graphics, you had to have at least a 800Mhz CPU at the time. Back then they were pricey and you were an… Read more →

Mixwaver (0.9b, 1.1a, 1.2j, 1.5c)

Mixwaver is the logical successor to BM98, offering better graphics, more customization and support for .jpg files to be used in the BGA. (From Original Website) Author: LOA Play style: 5key, 7key, SCAN Supported file: WAV, MP3, BMP, JPG, BMS player of Korean LOA Mr. created. 5 key, in addition to the 7 key, equipped with original SCAN style. In… Read more →


BM98 is easily considered as the Grandfather of BMS Emulation. Making it’s appearance in 1998, BM98 was widely used by Japanese Beatmania players.   BM98 Version k330     BM98 Plugin (Adds JPG functionality) – AdminRIch Read more →

Lunatic Rave 2 | (SD: Standard Definition)

Lunatic rave is considered to be the closest Emulator for IIDX gameplay currently available. There will be no more updates to this emulator as as we understand, the author lost the source code.   Lunatic Rave 2 version 081005 (39.6Mb) | (SD: Standard Definition) Lunatic Rave 2 version 081204 (43.8Mb) | (SD: Standard Definition) Lunatic Rave 2 version 100201 (51.6Mb)… Read more →