A reflection on BMSworld.

BMSworld is like a vinyl record store. There are hidden gem’s throughout the store but you must dedicate some time to finding them and each vinyl you find, you take to the stores’ record player, pop on some headphones and lose yourself in the tune. Navigating BMSworld was always intended to be just like that. If you love the gameplay… Read more →

Known Website issues – 18/06/2019

Hi Team,   There is a known issue with BMSworld and the downloads system implemented. To explain in brief; Downloads used to be hosted on the MEGA.NZ platform – this proved too costly.  Downloads are slowly being moved to the webserver so that they are hosted over HTTP/HTTPS which for some people provides benefits such as 1.) Downloads over HTTP/HTTPS… Read more →

Christchurch Terror Attacks…

My heartfelt sorrow, tears and prayers go out to the Muslim community in Christchurch, New Zealand right now.   This is a massive shock that has rocked New Zealanders and the world to its core. Some of you might know that I live in Christchurch right now.   As a IT Field services engineer, I was driving out to a… Read more →


What can you expect? Well……..


  • Rants
  • Raves
  • Lots of stories documenting my development of the site
  • Why?
  • How?

And more!


– Admin.Rich


Another AWESOME BMSworld achievement!

🥳OVER 1,100 Registered users! 🥰

It’s only been about 5 Months since I moved the entire website from a shared VPS provider to my home crafted VPS , went through a number of heartbreaking discoveries & tragedies including losing the entire 3,400 user accounts SQL tables in the migration (KEK)

Edit: there was also the domain migration, network and firewall configuration, a few days at work with just 3 hours sleep the night before

And lastly,

I am currently developing, with lots of help, a very nifty custom plugin!
It will be responsible for taking my posts from here, marked as announcements, and posting them to my new blog page which I am starting to implement on BMSworld 

Omg, I’m actually blogging….
Take THAT past self!