BMS Event Hosting



Are you looking for somewhere to host your BMS event ? I provide the following services free of charge.


  • BMS autoplay recordings with intro hosted on YouTube
  • BMS web hosting
  • BMS authoring
  • Basic SSO and social sharing


BMS autoplay recordings with intro = All BMS files received as part of the event will be AutoPlay recorded using either Lunatic Rave 2 (1080p mod) or Beatoraja.
All videos produced at 1920*1080 (FullHD) @ 60FPS
Basic intro created from scratch per event, example: Snail’s House – Pyon Pyon Cafeteria


BMS Web Hosting = A single page is created to host your event with BMS title, Lightbox preview and download link.


BMS authoring = BMS Titles & folders are converted from ;

Folder from: BJC7_cherry_nya_LQ Folder to: モールス.アルファ – 桜小径
BMS to Artist – BMS Title [GENRE]: (EVENT)


Basic SSO and social sharing = basic SSO strategies and social sharing across Twitter, Facebook & YouTube


Get in touch here: [email protected]

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