Another AWESOME BMSworld achievement!

🥳OVER 1,100 Registered users! 🥰

It’s only been about 5 Months since I moved the entire website from a shared VPS provider to my home crafted VPS , went through a number of heartbreaking discoveries & tragedies including losing the entire 3,400 user accounts SQL tables in the migration (KEK)

Edit: there was also the domain migration, network and firewall configuration, a few days at work with just 3 hours sleep the night before

And lastly,

I am currently developing, with lots of help, a very nifty custom plugin!
It will be responsible for taking my posts from here, marked as announcements, and posting them to my new blog page which I am starting to implement on BMSworld 

Omg, I’m actually blogging….
Take THAT past self!