♫ STG BMS Festival (2001) ♫ is a WIP

Work begins on the archive STG BMS Festival. ♫ STG BMS Festival (2001) ♫

New server in development.

This is the 1st blog post in a series as I develop and learn about…

Autoplay videos added for Ten:Tax BMS event

Seems I forgot to link the videos in. Completed 16-5-23

DNBmsFesta a WIP

Autoplay videos for DNBmsFesta uploaded. Todo; Rename youtube videos Remove internal SLASH & COLON object…

ネタBMS難易度表 (Neta BMS difficulty table) Archived

ネタBMS難易度表 (Neta BMS difficulty table) was archived today.   ネタBMS難易度表 (Neta BMS difficulty table  

10kb BMS Event archived

10kb BMS Event

Insane BMS Pack – Archive work progress

Today (31-10-2022) ‘G BMS’ & ‘H BMS’ Autoplay videos uploaded to Youtube ‘G BMS’ &…

BMSworld Maintenance notes 29-09-2022

Webserver; WildCard SSL–cert in progress. Currently autoissue cert via Cloudflare Caching strategy improved  – now…